Where to explore?

Posted on Jul 6, 2022

A common request from new players is, where do I explore to level?

This is not always easy, since milage varies depending on skill and gear level, as well as class to some extent. However, we’ll put down a list of some suggested areas that tend to be liked by players.

Remeber, grouping is always a good, and fun way, to explore areas that might be too tough to solo.

Also look for quests in town from keepers or adventurer (TY) as they may offer quests leading to some areas.

Dragonia Zoo ( level 1 - 3 )

Directions: 8 north, east from the Temple Yard.
Quests offered.

New Player Area (Goblins) ( level 3 - 10 )

This area has a few sections, dependant on your level.    
Directions: 8 north, east, and up from Temple Yard.  
Quests offered.  

Haon Dor (West Forest) ( level 3 - 6 )

Directions: 5 North, and west out of town.
Quest offered: Look for Hemet Nesingwary on the road (and visit Fatty before you do).

Tomb of Griztdaal ( level 8 + )

Directions: Explore down in the Dragonia well (north of Temple Yard).
Quests offered: Apollo might have work for you.

Sherwood Forest (Part I) ( level 12+ )

Great area with many mobs to kill.  
Directions: North out of town, past the north gate.
Quests offered: Check with Jim at Temple Yard.

to be continued..