July 2022

Posted on Jul 26, 2022

Latest Changelog

07/13/22 2022   Fixed curse heal showing wrong msg on failure
07/16/22 2022   Guild recall scroll fix
07/16/22 2022   do stat char fix for mobs
07/17/22 2022   A few more quests added for newb zone.
07/17/22 2022   A couple of gear items have been added to the Goblin area.
07/17/22 2022   New questgiver in dark forest and arachnos (orc)
07/17/22 2022   Grekin area gives more exp and some tuning
07/17/22 2022   Rats in sewer xp has been increased.
07/17/22 2022   fixed chant training rate when unskilled..
07/17/22 2022   Devour/drain gives a bit more mana (percentage of maxmana).
07/17/22 2022   New player area is now safe to quit in.
07/17/22 2022   Sleep spell shows fail message.
07/20/22 2022   Thief throw should now poison correctly.
07/21/22 2022   Fixed the pathing issue south of dragonia gate
07/22/22 2022   Min level added to 'quest list'
07/24/22 2022   Jewel of nile item updated with new stat to replace level +
07/25/22 2022   The Shendyt is now correctly a belt, and not legs.
07/25/22 2022   merciful coils from ramasses award maxmove penalty is now +maxmove.
07/25/22 2022   Archaeologist at the pyramid top now has a quest for the tomb.
07/25/22 2022   Roundkick bounus based on percentage of base damage (increase)
07/25/22 2022   mkick fixed when skill fails beyond godly.

We’ve been picked as Mud of the Month on reddit! Check out the post over at reddit

  • Tomb of Gritzdaal zone has been relocated, check ty board.
  • Scan command is now level 1.
  • Clerics now have Call Lighting spell at level 1.