July 2023

Posted on Jul 16, 2023

Latest Changelog

Darklord (beta) News

  Class/race combos are way more important than before, as penalties are much 
  bigger for picking weird combinations for races that obviously shouldn't be 
  casters, or martials. Some are not even possible, like troll caster, etc. Check
  info race table for an overview of all racial stats.    


  • Available as beta class, so changes will be continously made.
  • Can now ‘drain corpse’.
  • Voidwalker added (needs proper scaling still.) Note: In the future learning summons will require a few quests to be completed.
  • Shadowfury: people making spell saving will be hit now, but damage halved.
  • Demonic shield: does not stack with other shields.
  • Warlocks will be able to speak demonic (summons might speak demonic).


  • Some spells removed, some are made utility spells (no train).
  • Cure critic is gone, ‘cure light’ is now ‘cure wounds’ with some scaling.
  • Word of Balance has been removed.


  • Removed some useless spells, pyroblast replaces magic missile, and scales up some levels.


  • 80 levels, 76 mortal Levels. Exp cap is the same, but there are more levels.
  • Healing ticks are reduced to 30 seconds.
  • Age now does not matter for healing rates (race does).
  • Hunger and thirst: You won’t heal less now on an empty stomach, but you will gain a bit healing bonus if you have eaten. You can also eat/drink more. Hunger and thirst messages can be toggled with ‘noinform’.
  • Healing rates are reworked, and are based on percentage of max points. Racials are important, as bonus/penalties apply on different races, and stats. Uptime should be much better, and heal-fast rooms should be superfluous. Check your gains with ‘score gains’
  • Healing ticks while in combat is much less than out of combat.
  • Point pools will increase, and be based on racial limits. This means no more random gains per level, and generally more points. See ‘info race table’. Disclaimer: values might be tweaked.
  • 2 new equipment slots, trinket and shoulders.
  • Spell “casting” skill is removed. Casting success will depend on skill of the spell and other factors.
  • Non trainable spells. Some spells will be kept for utility but does not require training. Success will be determined by other factors tbd. These will not show in eval. Gains for these will depend on other factors, like level, stats and randomness.
  • Alignment does no longer matter for object wearing/gearing.
  • Movement: Cost is more or less free, only applicable in some sector types.
  • Martial classes will now use fatigue points (old move) instead of mana.
  • Towns: Have been removed, areas still exist for now. Clans will be used.
  • Race will be selected at first login, but still possible to change race as before (currently out of service).
  • MK Death experience penalty has been reduced.
  • Food will no longer decay when dropped.
  • Lockers: Storage lockers to save extra stuff. Initial cost but no charges. Access from the old Cryo center, now Locker storage.
  • Toplists: Can now be viewed from anywhere.
  • Max stats raised, will be race limited (25 max).
  • Commands: ‘spells’ command improved, showing all your spells and info. ‘info’ command now takes arguments for showing spell and some race info. read help file for more. ‘session skill’ shows some more stats for training done.
  • Quest logbook:
    You can now accept multiple quests, to your new logbook. Currently 15 entries. ‘help quest’ for more info.
  • Devouring: Non casters will now get more fp than mana, to compensate for the change in resource usage (active as of next update)
  • Deleted players will now be cleared from toplists.
  • Cooldowns will now save..not that there are any long duration ones yet.
  • ‘ooc’ is now ‘chat’, and looks more like a channel and not ‘say’. ooc command still works for now.
  • ‘consider’ has been reworked, and should give a better consideration.
  • Healing rate for martial classes/fp has been increased somewhat.


  • Heartstone has some new destinations to low level areas near town. It will not crumble anymore after lvl 20, but not work either. if you want as vanity item let me know, and Ill make a new.
  • You can type list (armor,weapons) in the donation room, to filter on things you can actually wear at your level. You can further filter on object names using a searchword, ie ‘list armors shield’ The number in the left colums is the ilevel. 04/07/23
  • Commands: ‘nocond’, new toggle for condition messages like thirst/hunger. Off by default, so turn on to get notices. ‘toggle’ is deprecated, but will call ‘prefs’
  • Warriors: ‘compare’ now also shows weight comparison and level.


  • New command: ‘bags’ (beta) Help bags for info. Report any issues.


  • Humans: Can now ‘bury’ a corpse, to get same bonus as drain/devour. (thanks to Chi for submitting the idea).