Older news

Posted on Dec 31, 2021

December 2021

  • Shopkeepers, who are also questmaster, may not always work. Wally’s Questline has been reassigned to Fatty (the town butcher).
  • Quest objectives (targets) can now be completed in groups, as well as pets getting killing blow, will give credit.
  • Firefield should not roast party members and summons anymore
  • Crabmeat (Priestess) and Fajita (Wally) quests are fixed.

[ Nov 2021 ]

  • Vampires race is now available, again.

[ June 2020 ]

  • Bugfix: Forceopen should work better for warriors now.
  • Moved to new server offsite.
  • Autoquest system is recoded and active.
  • Mudmail system recoded (will now also notify if in game)
  • Donation room in Dragonia is now saved, so items will reload.
  • Monks disguise command fixed up a bit, and a new disguise (It also now considers sex of player)
  • Monks new chant (forgiveness) and chant list change.
  • Backstab that kills/finishes, will now show an emote.
  • Thieves skilled in hide and sneak can now “vanish” from a fight.
  • Cooldowns implemented. Help cooldowns for more.
  • New top list commands (report, toplist). Help for more
  • New top boards Top for more.
  • Many bug changes/fixes to the connection handler for players
  • Auction changes (and item should be saved in case of crash)
  • Players will now get notified when a skill “ranks”
  • Slash now checks both hands for a weapon (used to only check mainhand)
  • Town fixes and join command removed (use town command). Also added ‘town list’
  • Clans several bug fixes.

[ Februaru 2020 ]

  • Sick players spreading disease will no longer enable PK flag.
  • Spell targetting has been changed, it will now check if target exists, before a delay, not after (the way it always should have been).

[ January 2020 ]

:: More ‘history’ lists: tells, cmds, kills (tells is removed). :: New toplists: alchemist, sweeper, tripper :: Level bug at 37 (1 xp gains) is resolved. :: Toplists can now have 20 entries :: New guild command replaces all previous guild channel commands. :: Bunch of other fixes. Please report any weirdness. ;)

[ December 2019 ]

:: New optional argument to equipment command, ‘all’, will show all slots equipped including empty/available ones.

:: Alignment should now also show the actual value in addition to the verbose value in score info.

[ August 2019 ]

:: Str Add value will now also show in score. :: Score will now show numerical values in addition to textual for most stats. :: Hobbits and Satyr races gets a slight boost to move tick gains (hobbits also a slight mana gain).

[ July 2019 ]

:: pagelength (lines) for paginated text can now be set (help pagelength for more info) :: (news) will be added to your prompt when the news file is updated/newer than you last read it. It will clear once you read it. :: ‘Group Armor’ should now also be indicated in the ‘status’ command. :: Area spells cast by players should no longer hit grouped players in the same group as the caster. (Earthquake will not hit players in flight, damage has been increased too).

:: Email command redone, please re-set your email. Part of new player file system :: afkmsg is now saved with your char. Typing the command without argument now shows current message (instead of removing it).

June 2019

  • WISDOM now accounts for some mana healing per tick.
  • Closed/locked doors will now show in autoexit in (red) (and ‘exits’ command)
  • The mud will now inform you when you enter a new zone.
  • New ‘areas’ command (although many areas have undefined level ranges yet)
  • New ‘diceroll’ command (help diceroll for info)
  • Man regen rates significantly upped for lower level (below 25). Beyond this it has also been increased.
  • History added to many channels - help history for more info.
  • Max damage cap has been increased.
  • New levels added: Now a total of 60 mortal levels!
  • Equipment will no longer transfer to corpse when dying. It will stay on your character.
  • Added afk flag before > prompt when toggled
  • New top board => pkiller
  • Appraise removed as a skill, now a regular command for thieves.
  • Experience loss from player kill deaths has been significantly reduced.