Posted on Jul 6, 2022
    An elf is slender and gracefull, with delicate features and pointed ears.
    An elf is 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall, and weighs about 120 pounds.  Elves are
    able to use some armours and weapons, and can cast magic-user spells.
    They can thus be valuable friends (or dangerous opponents), but usually
    prefer to spend their time feasting and frolicking in woodland glades.
    Elves are fascinated by magic and never grows tired of collecting spells
    and magical items, especially if the items are beautifully crafted.  Since
    elves are small by nature, they do not make good warriors, but their
    intelligence makes them excellent magical users.

    Elves heal mana faster than most other races.


    Mage, Warlock, Necromancer

Racials Abilities

    drain - drain the life from a corpse, for self healing.
    Elves can speak elven, as well as common.